Advent Devotions: The Manger vs. The Mall

December 16, 2007 by  
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For the Third Sunday of Advent our Devotional is “Encountering God in the Checkout Aisle: Finding the Manger Amidst the Madness of the Mall.” An excerpt:

Every year around this time, I have a familiar experience. I’m out shopping, and I’ll go through the checkout line, and pay for my stuff. When the cashier hands me back the change, they’ll say “Happy holidays,” or perhaps even “Merry Christmas.” I’m aware that they may be saying this because they’ve been told to, and suspicious of the whole business. But at least once every year, I have a cashier who looks me in the eye and says “Merry Christmas,” and really means it. And it changes my whole day.

Read the rest at our Advent Devotions pages. We’re featuring a different Advent Devotional on each Sunday of Advent, closing the series on Dec. 23. We hope these meditations will be a blessing to you!

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